Managed Cloud Backup

Digital Innovations offers fully managed  and automated cloud-based backup solutions to protect your business' data in case of a disaster. Our cloud-based platform uses industry-leading software and the latest hardware to bring fast, easy and secure backup to all levels of business.

How cloud backup works

Traditionally, backup has been limited to copying data to portable media – most often tape – and then transporting the media to a remote backup location or storing within the business premises. Given past technical limitations – most notably, network bandwidth constraints – there was no practical alternative to this labour-intensive means of implementing backup.

In today’s high-bandwidth era, a new generation of disk-based backup systems and cloud backup software makes backup simpler and faster by using corporate WANs or the internet to replicate or backup over the internet. In addition to leveraging modern high bandwidth connections, these next-generation cloud backup solutions employ advanced versioning technologies to sharply reduce the amount of data that needs to be transmitted over the network and stored remotely. The most advanced systems and software apply this at the sub-file level to dramatically reduce the bandwidth and storage capacity requirements associated with offsite backup.

Cloud backup is a specific form of modern offsite backup implementation. With cloud backup, client software on customers’ primary storage systems automatically replicates or backups data to the cloud service provider’s offsite backup location, and the service provider is responsible for operating the backup facilities.

Benefits of Cloud backup

Cloud backup for disaster recovery helps enterprises avoid the potentially severe consequences of data loss or service interruption in the event of a data centre scale disaster. Offsite backup on the cloud benefits organisations by reducing the total costs of providing adequate data and system backup and by bringing backup and recovery operations under central control in a multi-office environment.

Disk-based backup systems and backup software that support cloud backup deliver these offsite backup benefits as well as benefits like smaller backup windows, faster recovery times, simpler management, and improved security compared to traditional tape-based systems.

For organisations looking for cloud backup, and for IT service providers delivering offsite backup services, Digital Innovations offers a comprehensive range of customised solutions to ensure your organisation’s data is safe and easily recovered in a disaster.

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