Top notch infrastructure

At Digital Innovations, we have made sure that we have set up dedicated servers that allow us to make sure that your website runs optimally with little to no delay or down time.

Whether you are starting out your web presence or looking to migrate, our team is ready to make sure that you have a safe, secure and convenient web hosting experience. Our programmers not only have a can-do attitude, but also a will-do work ethic which allows us to make promises that we can keep which is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Quicker Development

Our infrastructure allows you to keep a handle on your website in real time. We can clone your website on a separate, staging page on our server anytime with a click of the mouse. This allows you to test designs, code, settings or even new themes without affecting your live site. Then, when you are ready, we can easily push the changes from the development site to your live site with a simple click.

Backup and Restore

We live in a world where life happens, but hosting your website with Digital Innovations means that in the event that you accidentally "break" your website, we can restore it from one of the automated backups that run in the background.